Satellite Temperature Data Show Almost All Climate Model Forecasts Over the Last 40 Years Were Wrong

A major survey into the accuracy of climate models has found that almost all the past temperature forecasts between 1980-2021 were excessive compared with accurate satellite measurements. The findings were recently published by Professor Nicola Scafetta, a physicist from the University of Naples. He attributes the inaccuracies to a limited understanding of Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS), the number of degrees centigrade the Earth’s temperature will rise with a doubling of carbon dioxide.

Scientists have spent decades trying to find an accurate ECS number, to no avail. Current estimates range from 0.5°C to around 6-7°C. Without knowing this vital figure, the so-called ‘settled’ science narrative around human-caused climate change remains a largely political invention, not a credible scientific proposition. Professor Scafetta has conducted extensive work into climate models and is a long-time critic of their results and forecasts. In a previous work, he said many of the climate models should be “dismissed and not used by policymakers”. Along with around 250 professors, he is a signatory to the World Climate Declaration which states there is no climate emergency and also notes climate models are “not remotely plausible as global tools”.


Computer modeling is not scientific evidence. We saw the enormous mistakes made in computer modeling of covid and the buildings that collapsed on 9/11. To base global energy policies on computer models that have already been shown to be almost entirely wrong is folly. I have been agnostic on Anthropogenic Global Warming for many years, but after watching covid pseudoscience happen in real-time and also watch it take the lives of millions of people needlessly, I cannot remain neutral any longer. Big Science is run by Big Money and Big Government and is fueled by payola and egomania, and not by selfless quest for the truth. ABN

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