A quality apology from Cee-Cee following her Halloween mask-wearing in a preschool setting


The article does not say how old Cee-Cee is but she is clearly quite young. And yet still she has the moral fiber to provide a well-spoken public apology for her behavior. From a Buddhist point of view, her apology is perfect. She explains what happened and why without making excuses for herself. She takes full responsibility for her own behavior. She apologizes profusely and asks for forgiveness. She vows never to do it again, or words very close to that. I doubt Cee-Cee is even one-third of the age of Fauci but she is morally his elder and superior by a million miles. Same goes for Collins, Birx, and many many more who have not and probably never will offer even a smarmy, low-grade apology for their atrocious behavior. I don’t mean to steal Cee-Cee’s thunder but the contrast is glaring. If only the high-and-mighty in our country had her decency, everything would be better. I hope the good people of Mississippi and USA will accept Cee-Cee’s apology fully and with respect, and allow her to move on with a clear conscience. ABN

UPDATE: I posted the video without noticing The Daily Mail had called Cee-Cee’s apology “groveling.” This, to me, highlights much of what is wrong with USA/West. Her apology is really good. In the many years of running this site, I cannot remember a better one that made mainstream news. When we disparage the person who sincerely apologizes and makes amends for their mistake, we all but force fewer people to apologize. In light of this, Cee-Cee deserves even more praise because our culture does not know how to accept an apology and allow for full expiation. We pay dearly for this fault as our public figures virtually never apologize for their mistakes or misdeeds. At most, some celebrity will go into expensive rehab for two weeks (thus hiding from the public) and blame it all on drugs and alcohol, often implying they are the real victim due to bad parenting or a bad marriage (which may be true, but still the core issue that prompted the whole thing is never addressed clearly or properly apologized for). I guess the the heart of this problem is it is simply difficult to apologize, even for practiced Buddhists. Humans seem to be born with an instinct to deflect blame along with one to cast stones. ABN

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