Yeah, Emily, except you weren’t in the dark. You put your own eyes out

I am 100% willing to forgive and forget following honest apologies. And that should start with those most responsible. So far, I do not know of even one. Fauci, Collins, and Birx unsurprisingly have all run away. Only Walesnky soldiers on. If she is oblivious to her enormous mistakes, she needs to apologize for being ignorant of everything required of a Director of the CDC. I also want to hear from the academics who piled on and bandied bogus credentials to prove nonsense. I have some sympathy for the merely weak and fearful, for who knows what pressures they were facing. As Buddhists, we should graciously accept all well-meaning apologies and allow them and us to move on. ABN

UPDATE: To prevent misunderstanding concerning the above. A fuller and better comment would be as below, which comes from here:

The Buddhist way out of this terrible karma you have incurred is: 1) publicly admit your mistakes; 2) apologize for your mistakes; 3) make amends for your mistakes as you are able and as are proportionate to the harm caused; 4) vow never to do anything like that again. Take your lumps, suffer for having violated your own conscience. Then, when all of this has been completed and you have done your best and your vow is strong, put it behind you and dwell on it no more. For many for whom the above is necessary, this period of remorse and self-examination should last at least a year or more. ABN

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