High-tech competition between China and USA explained and analyzed

The closest English sound to the “X” in Xi (Jinping) is “sh”. So if you pronounce his name She Jinping you will be very close, close enough. And much better than Zee Jinping or other versions we frequently hear. While on this topic which matters only because China is so large, the “j” in Beijing is pronounced just like the “j” in jingle. Leave off the “le” in jingle and you will pronounce Beijing perfectly.

If you want to be nerdy about your pronunciation of the Chinese “x”, shape your mouth and tongue to say the English “sh”, then spread your lips and tongue a little bit and move the aspiration point to the roof of your mouth. It’s an easy sound to make for English speakers. None of this is very important. All languages pronounce borrowed words and names in their own ways. I only mention it because Xi Jinping is a major world leader and it is easy to say his name in a standardized fairly correct way. Similar reasoning for Beijing. ABN

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