So, what have we learned? ~ The Ethical Skeptic

So, what have we learned?

Well, first – after months of saying that these charts were 'all made up', most of the troll audience is begrudgingly admitting we have an Excess Non-Covid Natural Cause Mortality problem now. 'Long Covid' in their minds.

That settled, TES was right.

Then we learned that both the pharma trolls and the CDC colluded, especially to fraudulently deny the escalation in cancers. Both were caught by TES in that fraud.

Again, TES charts turned out to be correct.

[This is a very important thread that all intelligent people should read and understand. This outlines the fraud perpetrated on the world by US and other health care authorities, including shitty academics and craven doctors. If this thread is not unrolling well, please use this link for the same information. Or go to TES’s Twitter feed to find it there. ABN]

Then we looked at what composed these 401 K acknowledged Excess Deaths. Were they indeed 'Long Covid' as Narrative insisted?

Well first – these deaths occur more in counties with high rates of vax & showed up only after the vax was released.

So we produced 'Vaccine – The Movie'

Then we observed that these deaths are all arriving years after Covid, and in exact timing with what? Vaccinations of all things.

We were terrified to find that the trend is escalating as well (Phase II in chart on right), and is not in a drop – as 'Long Covid' would produce.

Next we looked at the ages being hit hard by these anomalous excess Non-Covid Deaths, and we find that – unlike Covid (Long Covid too), which had an avg age of death of 82 – these deaths have an avg age of 49 – 56.

CDC is hiding many of these sudden deaths in the R00-R99 bucket.

Then we took a look at where these deaths were occurring. Were they in hospice? No. Were they in a hospital, No. Were they unknown? No.

They are occurring in the HOME for a good part. 25 – 68 year-olds, in their sleep – never even getting to the hospital.

Then we examined how this excess death compared to the same timeframe for Covid prior to the vaccine.

These deaths did not exist prior to the Vax. And if this was 'Long Covid', they should have.

And as well, we observed that this association between highly vaxxed counties, and young persons dying suddenly – also did not exist prior to the Vaccine Inflection date of MMWR Week 14 2021 – only AFTER that inflection.

This death curve is also at its all-time high. 😑

In summary

401 K Excess Deaths
At Home
Younger Persons
in High-Vax Counties
Concealed by CDC/Pharma
Did not exist prior to Vax
Not Covid/Long Covid
Far exceeds Covid periods
Began Wk 14 2021
Escalating in magnitude, right now…

We cannot be gaslighted on this.

Originally tweeted by Ethical Skeptic ☀ (@EthicalSkeptic) on November 19, 2022.

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