American Girl is accused of ‘stripping away all innocence’ in magazine that teaches kids how to change gender by taking puberty blockers and going behind parents’ backs to get ‘help’

The popular American Girl doll brand is facing backlash for pushing kids into changing their gender in a recent book marketed to young girls.

The recently released book, titled A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image, contains lines that give advice to prepubescents on how to change their gender – seemingly without their guardians’ blessing.

Parents have slammed the book’s contents as ‘deceptive and dangerous,’ citing the messages it is sending to this highly impressionable demographic.

The 96-page handbook – billed as a ‘guide’ – is marketed to girls aged 3 to 12, and instructs them on how to make permanent changes to their bodies, and to embrace that they may be unhappy in the bodies they were born with.


It is wrong to do this. It is morally repugnant to send this message to children. It is only a very weird kind of twisted “morality” that would permit this, or worse, think it up and do it. Maiming your body to conform to a fantasy is mental illness. Adults who allow or encourage this behavior in children are seriously ill. ABN

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