Moral reasoning in grey areas

Fundamental to moral reasoning is a grey area of proportion or the degree to which something is done or how easy or hard it is to do it. Or whether it should be done at all. Legalistic cultures like Canada, USA, and the West in general have many problems stemming from our inability to clearly draw lines between right and wrong on many issues with large grey areas.

Euthanasia, especially in Canada, is one of these issues as is maiming the bodies of children based on extremely dubious—I would say completely crazy—psychological and moral reasoning. Elon Musk is having a similar problem with free speech on Twitter. He can’t figure out where to draw a line that actually does not need to be drawn.

To me, it is self-evident that irreparably maiming a child based on a crazy idea is morally wrong. So is killing a sad man or suggesting to him that he might be better off dead and we can help you with that. Musk’s dilemma is no less serious as billions of people and the future course of world civilization will be affected by his decision, which in my view is very clear: The correct algorithm to use on Twitter is Twitter users being allowed to say and view what they want.

Every culture struggles with moral issues. In the West, we have to do better. I have described two lines that can be drawn to protect children and adults from medical malpractice and one line that can be drawn to protect the world from people who want to control the speech of others. ABN

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