Kim Dotcom on the Twitter revelations

🧵 Twitter files Part 2 🧵

Here are my views about the recent revelations. First of all I’m glad this information is now available to the public and I’m angry because of what was done to censor and control public discourse about important issues like corruption and Govt crimes.

Twitter has become a spy agency and a censorship tool for the deep state in collusion with the Democratic Party. The same is happening at every big tech company today. They limit political speech as well as leaks about crimes and corruption by the Government and politicians.

The Democratic Party has surrendered to the power of the deep state, a group of spy chiefs and corporate elites in the war and security business and their vast network of protected billionaire associates who control the media and big tech. Dems chose this path to remain in power.

Monopolistic big tech companies have surrendered to the deep state and partnered with the Democratic Party to keep their monopolies going. When was the last time any of them was broken up because they accumulated too much power? Tech billionaires love a seat at the power table.

This silencing and manipulation has completely destroyed democracy. Not just opinions are being manipulated but the devices that count our votes. The deep state can turn every cell phone into an open mic and backdoor any PC. What do you think they can do to voting machines?

This is the biggest criminal conspiracy in history. Spy agencies are now running the show. Their budgets and powers are increasing every year. They spy on all of us and have dirt on everyone. Politicians who don’t work with them have no future. They are removed by scandal, etc.

This shit is killing people. If Julian Assange dies in jail it’s because Twitter stopped his supporters from getting any visibility. The recent poll by @elonmusk has shown how many supporters he has. It’s outrageous that those who fight for our freedom rot in jail like criminals.

Twitter has silenced ICU doctors who told us about alternative treatments to Covid-19 and scientists who warned us about the dangers of the Covid vaccines. All of this because the deep state is all about profit for their partners. They don’t care how many people die.

Twitter has censored leaks about corruption in politics, crimes committed the Government and spy agencies, opinions that didn’t agree with the Western propaganda about the war in Ukraine. This is criminal. This is wrong. And this is what’s happening at all big tech companies.

I like to tell @jack and all our fellow tech entrepreneurs… You have sold us out. You have betrayed us. You have destroyed our rights and democracy. You have turned the dream of what the Internet can do for humanity into a nightmare. Shame on you.

Originally tweeted by Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) on December 9, 2022.

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