The World According to Mike Pence

We can stop there and finish by observing that nothing in this book contradicts what we’ve learned over these two years, namely that Mike Pence served as both a carrier pigeon and protecting veil for the national security state that took over the country in March 2020. It was he who gave the okay to Birx’s subversions. It was he who assisted in convincing Trump of the lockdowns. It was he who pushed the panic that led to massive spending, overpurchases of masks and ventilators, he who pushed for the deployment of the Defense Production Act, and he who sent the Navy hospital ship to New York that went unused. And he not only defends all his actions but implies that they were all blessed by God. ~ JEFFREY A. TUCKER  

quote from Tucker’s review of Pence’s book

The whole review is well-worth reading. If you have any doubt that Pence is a self-righteous back-stabbing DS tool, this review is a must read. ABN

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