Four Republican Senators Vote Against Reinstating Military Members Over Vaccine Status – Mitt Romney, Mike Rounds, Bill Cassidy and Susan Collins

Displaying some of the most insufferable logic imaginable, four Republican senators voted against reinstating military members who were discharged for refusal to get vaccinated.

Apparently, according to the logic provided, Congress can select the location for the military to engage, select the weapons they can use, select their commanding officers who will lead their engagement, select the method, manner and purpose of their deployment…. yet, when it comes to requiring vaccinations, Congress must defer to military leadership.

Apparently, the concept of “civilian lead military oversight,” does not apply when it comes to forced COVID-19 vaccination.  Sorry, but these Republican senators are intellectually dishonest idiots.


The vaxxes were widely used as a loyalty test to the usurpers who now occupy our government. My sense is Collins is a ‘useful idiot’ to the cabal while Romney is a real player. ABN

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