Tucker Carlson Is Asked Trump or DeSantis for 2024? The Response Is Refreshingly Authentic

During the Turning Point USA America Fest, Fox News contributor and #1 rated cable news host, Tucker Carlson is asked about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and President Donald Trump.  Who would Tucker Carlson endorse in the 2024 GOP primary? {Direct Rumble Link}

The answer Carlson delivers to that question is the best 9+ minute dialogue on both men you will hear.  Referencing his recent interview with Mike Tyson, Tucker begins by outlining the baseline premise inherent in questions around endorsements.  The essence of the question implies an individual’s opinion of their own self-importance, which Carlson eloquently explained is irrelevant.

Tucker then delivers a very accurate encapsulation of both leaders and frames the context for both amid a scenario that no one should predict.  WATCH:



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