The First US Onslaught to ‘Weaken’ Post-Cold War Russia

Even Before NATO Expansion, the West Sought to Strangle Russia Economically

The first post-cold war assault on Russia by the West began in the early 1990s well before the expansion of NATO. It took the form of a U.S.-induced economic depression in Russia that was deeper and more disastrous than the Great Depression that devastated the U.S. in the 1930s. And it came at a time when Russians were naively talking of a “Common European Home” and a common European security structure that would include Russia.

…there is no doubt that the actions of the US and the West were critical factors in the Great Russian Depression. An understanding of this goes a long way in making sense of events leading up to the present moment of U.S. proxy war in Ukraine and the brutal sanctions imposed on Russia. This understanding, however, does not fit the narrative to which the NYT confines itself – and its readers.


Neocons killing Slavs: This article describes the first chapter of the recent history of the neocon attack against Russia. Rather than embrace Russia as part of a Greater Europe, neocons sought to destroy Russia. In this light, their relentless destruction of all Western nations makes perfect sense. When the last drops of blood soak into the ground, only they will be left standing—Rulers of the World. What they did and are doing to Russia, they have been and are doing to North America and the rest of the Western world. No one else is safe either. ABN

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