Stealth weaponry used on individuals and small groups — an example

I agree and also wonder if something like this or BZ or some other mind-disabling substance may be in play with some of the people in the Malone legal fracas. Our side of the covid debate has never been stronger, then suddenly this fracas appears with some of the parties involved sounding a little deranged. In a 5GW world, whenever anyone goes nuts, we must consider that they are being targeted by stealth weaponry. Poisoning with BZ can go on for long periods of time. BZ, which is just one example, can be administered as an odorless aerosol. One spritz into your car just before you get in and you will never know what happened to you. I have too much personal experience with this kind of attack. One example: a shithead put a drug into a cup coffee he very graciously gave me shortly before quitting time. On the road home, I became extremely spaced out and could barely walk after parking my car. I found out years later what had happened. I can still remember the shithead’s unctuous face. ABN

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