Why your family does not understand your positions on covid

Family members who do not understand your positions on covid are probably victims of Fifth Generation Warfare, 5GW.

A good way to understand what is happening to them is to understand that they are being attacked on four levels. These levels are:

1. linguistic

2. intellectual

3. psychological

4. spiritual

The linguistic level in many ways is the most basic and easiest to understand. Stated very briefly, 5GW works at the linguistic level by exploiting interpersonal non-FIML linguistic problems. Problems of this sort can be very serious and virtually always delay or prevent intellectual and psychological growth and understanding.

The intellectual level is gravely hindered by the linguistic level because ideas can only be developed and communicated through the accurate and cooperative use of language. 5GW attacks at this level include fake news, falsified data, telegenic role models who advertise covid remedies that are harmful, and much more. All mainstream discussions of covid are profoundly twisted and disturbed by 5GW attacks at this level. It is very difficult for your family members who do not understand what is going on to even conceive of themselves as being the enemy, let alone an enemy who is surrounded on all sides by a ruthless opponent who seeks to exploit them and would think nothing of killing them.

At the psychological level, 5GW encourages dependency and fear and obedience to authority figures. Since levels one and two above are already characterized by a paucity of ideas and ways to communicate, your family members both feel and believe they have no other recourse, no other way to protect themselves and their loved ones. Rather than see their true enemy as an enemy, they see you as their enemy.

At the spiritual level, many are forced to founder on limited beliefs. Christians in particular are taught to be obedient, to love their enemy and their neighbor as thyself. This makes it extremely hard for Christians and people who have been raised in a Christian culture to understand an enemy who is also their neighbor and a hostile infiltrator. Loving such an enemy is catastrophic at spiritual and cultural levels. Objectively, it does appear that Christianity was designed to make Christians blind to infiltration and parasitic attacks. In this sense, 5GW is nothing new.

Each of these points can be expanded. I offer them as an aid to understanding how our family members are being attacked, why they appear to be captured or hypnotized, and why they cannot break free. This outline does not make it easier to free them. It only describes what has happened to them and that almost whatever you do on any one of the above levels will fail because all four levels are working together to hold them in.

Of course, we all are also being attacked by covid, covid malpractice, harmful therapies, lockdowns, economics, and much more.

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