Continued vaccination is ‘an experiment conducted in vivo on our very own species. Ultimately, we are now driving this to become a different virus’ ~ Geert Vanden Bossche

‘This is no longer a natural pandemic. It’s a pandemic of immune escape variants’ — GVB

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If Vanden Bossche is right, we can expect a huge death toll in the mRNA-vaxxed world, which is roughly the same as the Westernized world. What percentage of vaxxed will die? Will they all succumb? What he is predicting is so awful it is difficult to speak about. Can an outcome like this occur due to many mistakes or was it planned? If it was planned, who did it? It seems a non-Western actor would be the culprit but not necessarily. If many are going to die do we need to hoard food today? Probably not. Will electricity still work? How will we reassemble our societies in the short-term? Will the perps invade or will those who were not harmed invade? Will anyone help us? ABN

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