After 3 years of reading hundreds of Covid studies, here is what I believe to be most likely:

1. Covid exists as a respiratory virus that started from the Wuhan lab as an infectious clone. It was spreading worldwide as early as the summer of 2019.

2. This coincided with ongoing mRNA research and this was the planned response to establish this technology platform for all future vaccinations.

3. Pressure was exerted to suppress all viable treatments to advance this agenda and obtain the EUA.

4. HCQ and Ivermectin work well when given early and as a multi-drug regimen. IVM likely has some utility in later stages of disease. Vit D, Zinc and other supplements help in patients with deficiency, given early or prophylactically.

5. Many elderly people and people with comorbidities died, due to lack of early treatment. Many of the early nursing home deaths were the result of lockdowns, over medication, dehydration, isolation and deaths of despair.

6. The rollout of vaccines caused waves of infections and deaths immediately after each dose, due to the 2-3 weeks of immunosuppression and adverse effects of the technology. There was a large variation in batches due to degradation of the mRNA, LNP and poor mRNA integrity.

7. The leaky vaccines led to accelerated viral convergent evolution of evading variants. This has prolonged the pandemic, resulting in failure to ever achieve a degree of herd immunity.

8. The mRNA vaccines probably prevented some severe Covid disease early in the pandemic, but these gains were offset by deaths from resulting increased infections and myocardial disease and other adverse events. They were never needed for healthy people.

9. Currently, I believe excess deaths are occurring due to the mRNA vaccines causing an immunological change causing T-cell exhaustion, IgG4 response and possible ADE with Covid infections. This is leading to a devastating systemic vascular and cardiovascular response.

10. The initial 2 doses of vaccine may have given T-cell immunity that is broad and longer lasting and protects against variants, but subsequent doses do nothing more and cause further problems. Accumulating spike protein could be a major concern.

11. Natural immunity has always given better immunity and still gives long lasting protection in most against severe disease.

12. A biomedical security state has been an underlying goal, with the establishment of vaccine digital passports. The ultimate failure of the vaccines has severely set back that goal.

13.Public Health organizations were easily manipulated by their power structures, groupthink and ideology. They were easily controlled by money and the creation of manipulated models and propaganda. Media gave oxygen to their “experts” who were useful idiots looking for attention

14. Lockdowns, masks, travel restrictions, school closures, cancellation of sports, vaccine passports and mandates were all futile and had no positive effect and saved no lives. They caused immense economic destruction, collateral harms and suffering.

15. There needs to be a thorough investigation, public commissions, complete transparency and accountability for those who wilfully drove this agenda. We need transparency of all health data, changes in regulatory bodies’ structures and funding, and safeguards put in place.

Originally tweeted by DrJ (@DrJ56013122) on February 9, 2023.

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