What is Functional Interpersonal Metalinguistics (FIML)? — ChatGPT’s answer

Functional Interpersonal Metalinguistics (FIML) is a therapeutic communication technique used to improve communication between partners in a relationship. It involves using a process of reflective and analytical dialogue to identify, understand and resolve communication breakdowns and conflicts.

In FIML, partners engage in a dialogue in which they reflect on their communication, with the goal of improving the quality and effectiveness of their interactions. The focus is on understanding the underlying thoughts, feelings and motivations behind what is said, rather than just the words themselves. This process helps partners gain insight into their communication patterns, and promotes empathy and understanding between them.

FIML is based on the principles of functional linguistics and interpersonal communication, and has been found to be effective in improving communication and resolving conflicts in a variety of relationship contexts, including couples therapy and family therapy.

Not too bad, imo. This answer is much better than one from two weeks ago and does a well enough with a general description of what FIML. But it does not yet understand the micro-analyses that are the core and foundation of FIML practice. I expect to be learning about FIML from ChatGPT in a few more months. ABN

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