The First Sequencing of the Bivalent vaccines is now available for public consumption

WARNING- There are contaminating Expression vectors in the vaccines that contain antibiotic resistance genes.

This might explain the prolonged expression of spike protein in many studies

This sequencing cost $7 per sample.
I wonder if these Pharma’s can afford this for every lot?

Nah.. Why would they?

Your government gave them a liability shield and even paid them billions for the products they then mandated.

Among other treats in these expression vectors are the SV40 mammalian promoter and a high copy origin of replication (pUC) for bacterial amplification of these plasmids.
The Biodistribution studies covered by @Jikkyleaks show LNPs getting into the intestines.

Its estimated that each shot contains billions of these plasmids and if they get into the gut microbiome, they can replicate to 50-300 copies per cell.

If any vaccinated patient is then placed on Neomycin or Kanamycin, these will be the only bacteria that survive

As these plasmid encode Kan and Neo resistance. Its not known if these contaminating plasmid can also express spike protein but some of the vectors have T7 tails so we cant rule that out.

What happens if we inject billions of Antibiotic resistance genes into billions of people?

What happens when the injection contains LNPs that can get to your intestines and transform bacteria with these genes?

Why isn't there sequencing QC of every lot given how cheap this is to perform in 2023?
Why QC things when gov is paying & you have a hall pass and a mandate?

I want thank @JesslovesMJK @TheJikky @SabinehazanMD @pathogenetics @VBruttel @stevenemassey @Fynnderella1 @hyattjn for helpful comments on this project

This molecule wasn't part of the informed consent but each injection likely includes billions of them.

I don’t even know how to respond.

There is so much gaslighting, Jupiters storm is getting jealous.

If you are going to inject the population with antibiotic resistance genes, you would wise to have a strong antibiotic discovery program.

Originally tweeted by Kevin McKernan (@Kevin_McKernan) on February 16, 2023.

Are the vaxxes pseudoscience or bioweapons? I think we have to assume they are bioweapons being used to decimate highly vaxxed regions of the world in particular. Many other vectors — stolen elections, senile resident, savage foreign policy and more — point to usurpation of USA by a gang(s) of infiltrators who are deliberately sinking this ship of state and taking all of Western civilization with it. See Ukraine for further evidence. I highly recommend accessing the thread above through the linked date at the end. There is interesting discussion following. ABN

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