East Palestine, OH: The chemical dust has settled. Where, how much of it, and what comes next? ~ Adam Gaertner

Just over a week ago, I issued a warning: everybody on the eastern seaboard of the United States, with the possible exceptions of Georgia and South-Central Florida, needed to evacuate, for at least a couple of weeks, due to the enormous cloud of vinyl chloride and other highly toxic chemicals released in East Palestine. A week later, we have a better idea of exactly what’s happened, and what to expect over the coming months and years. There’s good news, and there’s bad news.

Keeping track of these developments has been very challenging, time-consuming, and slow – with absolutely zero reliable information available from the various local, state and federal governments, I’ve had to employ OSINT and HUMINT to keep track of various developments, affected locations, et cetera. Applying military intelligence methodologies to track a chemical-environmental disaster is a rather novel approach, and it has required a healthy dose of skepticism and cross-referencing of other sources of information, but it has yielded a relatively clear picture of the situation.

Ordinarily, the EPA should be deployed across the country taking tests and measurements, but seeing as we have an administration of incompetent, traitorous clowns running our governments these days, that’s a wish that’s never going to be granted. Given the likelihood that it was a deliberate chemical weapon attack, though, I suppose it’s fitting.


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