NATO equipment at the port of Gdynia, Poland

None of this gear will ever get to the hands of the Kiev regime — because it’s not for them: It’s for the Poles.

Poland is being set up as the next American proxy against Russia.

The words above are from Gonzalo Lira, but we all have seen this coming. It is always a mistake to take a probability as a certainty, to play the future as if it were a roulette wheel. That said, the probability of the Ukraine war spreading into Poland and the Baltic states is high. The NATO/neocons behind the Ukraine war need something to cover up their covid crimes, something big to distract the public. WW3 appears to be it. This is pure KOBK. The goal is world domination. None of the players can quit the game. Today these players are NATO/neocons, Russia, and China. ABN

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