Meteorites can now account for all basic components of DNA and RNA

Two critical DNA and RNA components have been found in this rock, a 2-gram fragment of the 1969 meteorite that crashed in Murchison, Australia, for the first time ever found in an extraterrestrial source, according to researchers.

The finding adds to the body of evidence suggesting life originated in space.

Additional components necessary for life have been discovered in meteorites.

According to research published in Nature Communications on April 26, the five bases that store information in DNA and RNA are present in space rocks that have fallen to Earth within the last century.

The genetic code of all life on Earth is made up of these “nucleobases”—adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine, and uracil—along with sugars and phosphates. It is still unknown if these essential components for life were initially produced on Earth or whether they originated in space (SN: 9/24/20). The discovery, however, the researchers argue, adds to the body of evidence that points to the beginning of life in space.


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