Chinese and American COOPERATION on CREATING covid virus & pandemic described by RFK Jr

@RobertKennedyJr tells @jimmy_dore the CIA, DOD, and Tony Fauci taught Chinese military scientists how to build weapons of mass destruction. Then Bill Gates, a former CIA director, and China’s CDC director collaborated on how to censor a lab leak at Event 201 in Oct. 2019:…

Former CIA Director Avril Haines and China’s CDC Director George Gao discuss censoring a lab leak at Event 201 in Oct. 2019:

“My staff told me that there is misinformation. Some people believe that this is man-made or a pharmaceutical

Highlights on censoring mis- and disinformation from Event 201, a 3.5-hour pandemic tabletop exercise held in Oct. 2019 by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Originally tweeted by (@KanekoaTheGreat) on March 13, 2023.

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