What Really Happened Inside the COVID-19 Vaccine Trials?

  • One strategy used by Big Pharma to gaslight those injured by pharmaceuticals is to insist that there is no data linking the injury to the drug. Frequently however, these injuries were, in fact, observed in the trial but simply covered up to create the illusion the pharmaceutical was safe
  • For Big Pharma to hide injuries that occur within a clinical trial requires them to aggressively gaslight the injured participants. Despite the fact that this ongoing practice had produced decades of bad data and severely harmed countless trial participants, nothing has been done to address this issue
  • Numerous individuals have bravely come forward to provide testimony that severe research misconduct occurred throughout the COVID-19 trials. This misconduct resulted in a high human cost. The misconduct observed is similar to what has happened in previous trials, and proves that the COVID-19 vaccine approval was fraudulent.

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