‘I know I’m being sent to my death’: Ukrainian soldiers admit ‘we are just getting killed’ as they defend Bakhmut… and say Russia can already ‘taste victory’

Ukrainian soldiers have painted a bleak picture of their on-going defence of Bakhmut, the small eastern city that has become the target of Europe’s bloodiest infantry battle since the Second World War.

Kyiv‘s soldiers have said they knew they were being sent to their deaths when they were given the orders to go to the city, and admitted they are ‘just getting killed’.


This battle and the whole war have been a massacre of Ukrainian men. It is American/ NATO neocons who blocked early negotiations a year ago that could have ended the war on reasonable terms for both sides. I see no other conclusion than Zelensky’s masters want to see Ukraine denuded of Ukrainians. Pouring money and weapons into Ukraine has served no other purpose than to slaughter Ukrainian young men in hopeless battles while driving all other Ukrainians out of the country. ABN

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