The CDC made numerous numerical errors which especially exaggerate the risk to children of covid

Three years ago when I started tracking Covid data in Georgia, I never imagined I'd end up co-authoring a paper on basic mathematical errors the CDC made during the pandemic. Most of the errors exaggerate the risk to children.

This paper identifies 25 errors the CDC made – all factual numerical errors. The CDC's use of the Data Tracker demographics page to consistently overstate pediatric deaths was the source of several errors.

Other errors related to their reliance on the flawed pre-print and their related claim that Covid was a top 5 cause of death for children of all ages. They cited that statistic even after the pre-print authors admitted the errors.

The CDC also doesn't have needed checks in place to identify when inaccurate hospitalization data is reported. This caused pediatric hospitalizations to be overreported significantly on multiple occasions, sometimes causing panic at the national level:

For months, the CDC reported that an estimated 4% of Covid deaths were among children, when the actual percentage based on their initial estimates was 0.04%.

I could go on, but the full list of errors is in the paper. While this is not an exhaustive list, it is concerning that the organization tasked with analyzing Covid data and setting policy recommendations has made such simple errors throughout the pandemic.

Download the paper here:

Originally tweeted by Kelley K (@KelleyKga) on March 23, 2023.

See also this for a different format. ABN

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