Evidence points to vaxxes as bioweapon

“The worst kind of bioweapon wouldn’t kill a lot of people, it would disable a lot of people and kill people slowly over time. You wouldn’t want it to just start killing, because if that were to happen you would very quickly identify those people who had been exposed and who were…”


Originally tweeted by Dr. Syed Haider (@DrSyedHaider) on March 23, 2023.

Evidence the vaxxes are bioweapons fits with evidence the lockdowns did more harm than good, as did mandated treatments, banning early treatments, and so on. If this is a war against the West or the world, did it just start with covid or was there infiltration and preparation many decades before? War can be pursued in many ways. Infiltration and gradual takeover is a very reliable technique for an enemy that is willing and able to spend several generations on it. The West shows very clear signs that it already has been infiltrated and taken over. The vaxxes are but the latest assault. When thinking about this, you absolutely must be able to think in the way people doing this are thinking. They play by KOBK rules. All of this will make much more sense when you always assess their actions by KOBK rules. ABN

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