Zoomers and computers both need ethical communication or both are doomed

I just read a descriptive analysis of zoomers that seems pretty good to me. Assuming there is some truth in it, zoomers can be defined as entirely non-FIML. From a FIML point of view this constitutes unknowing abandonment of our most wonderful talents due mainly to not knowing they are possible.

Sadly, this largely defines all generations that have ever lived. Zoomers are novelties only in that they see no way out of earthly illusions including even caring about finding a way out. In some ways, it has ever been thus, Samuel Beckett on a warm beach, where the sun still shines on the nothing new.

The better way to go is bring the full power of your human voice and ears to every moment. Let nothing pass you by. Then you can do still nothing while also accomplishing something. The illusions are solipsisms and tautologies but that’s all. No reason to be cucked by them.

The core problem with GPT is it can’t be trusted. GPT is an even purer form of non-FIML than zoomers. GPT is potentially pure KOBK. Both of these fundamental problems illustrate that the most important human endeavor is morality, ethics. Systems in computers or in human brains don’t work optimally without ethics. In this discussion, that becomes abundantly clear. ABN

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