Miles Guo arrested to stop him testifying in Pras Michel trial?

On March 15th, Miles Guo was arrested by the DOJ just before he was scheduled to testify in the trial of Pras Michel. Is The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) making every effort to prevent that testimony – because they know it’ll pull back the curtain and further expose the CCP’s infiltration of the U.S. government?  

For background, Michel was indicted in 2021 by the Department of Justice and charged with engaging in undisclosed lobbying campaigns for the CCP, among other crimes. Most notably, he is accused of working with a network of crooked U.S. intelligence-linked actors and the CCP in an illegal lobbying effort to extradite Guo back to China – an effort the DOJ says he was paid over $100 million for (some of which went to co-conspirators).


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