California dermatologist is indicted over claims she tried to poison her radiologist husband by spiking his tea with Drano in kitchen of their $2.7m home

California dermatologist has been indicted on felony charges after allegedly poisoning her husband’s tea with Drano.

Dr. Yue ‘Emily’ Yu was hit with one felony count of domestic battery with corporal injury and three counts of poisoning during a hearing Wednesday.

A mother of two, Yu could face more than eight years in prison if convicted.

Last year Yu’s radiologist husband Jack Chen noticed his tea was tasting odd, so he set up a nanny-cam in the kitchen of their $2.7 million home to investigate. 

What he caught was Yu pouring a mysterious liquid into his morning tea, which he took to police who helped him determine it was the toxic drain cleaner. Only static images from the alleged poisoning video have been released.


This happens far more often than most people think. ABN

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