New Covid variant Arcturus is already in more than HALF of US states with California, New Jersey and Virginia emerging as hotspots — after strain sent infection rates skyrocketing in India

A new Covid variant that has sent cases skyrocketing in India has already reached more than half of states in the US, data suggests.

Health chiefs first detected ‘Arcturus’, a highly infectious spin-off of Omicron, in New York in late January. But it has since spread to 26 more states and triggered 235 cases, with hotspots emerging in CaliforniaNew Jersey and Virginia.

The variant — known scientifically as XBB.1.16 — is believed to be the most infectious version of Omicron to date, but there is no evidence that it is more deadly than other currently circulating strains.

In India, it is believed to have single-handedly driven a 13-fold surge in cases within a month. Hospitals in the country are on red alert and some states have even brought back masking restrictions.


Geert Vanden Bossche is the only person who has predicted we would see variant after variant of covid evolving in the weakened immune systems of the vaxxed. He has also predicted that eventually one or more of these highly infectious variants will also become highly virulent and be especially dangerous to the vaxxed. ABN

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