NPR quits Twitter after spat with Elon Musk who branded the public broadcasting network as ‘government affiliated’ and ‘falsely implying’ that it is ‘not editorially independent’

National Public Radio (NPR) will no longer be active on Twitter after the social platform ‘undermined’ the news source’s ‘credibility’ when it branded it a ‘government-funded’ outlet. 

NPR’s 52 Twitter accounts have gone silent after the social platform added the black label tag of ‘state-affiliated media’ to the brand’s official account – a tag that is often only seen associated with propaganda outlets in Russia and China

It has since been changed to ‘government-funded media.’ The BBC and PBS have also been given the same tag. 

Earlier this month, Musk branded The New York Times ‘propaganda’ and removed its golden checkmark. 


More lies from NPR as it huffs off the platform. Musk’s takedown of BBC is even funnier. It’s fair to wonder about Musk but he has done a lot of good since buying Twitter, more good for the news than any other individual. It’s likely the official covid wind down is happening sooner and going deeper because so much more truth is now allowed on Twitter. In internet real-time you can watch independent scientists and people like Edward Dowd destroy the official government/MSM covid story. ABN

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