Obama linked to Epstein

Newly released documents show Former President Barack Obama’s personal White House attorney Kathryn Ruemmler had dozens of secret meetings with Jeffrey Epstein, none of which were disclosed at the time or explained by the Obama White House.

A number of Obama’s high-level staff continued meeting regularly with Jeffrey Epstein years following his conviction of child sex crimes, according to the release of the documents which include, for the first time, Epstein’s personal calendar.

In 2014, current CIA director William Burns had three meetings with Jeffrey Epstein when he was Obama’s deputy secretary of state, a full eight years after Epstein had been convicted of child sex crimes, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Burns and Epstein first met in Washington prior to Burns visiting Epstein and his Manhattan townhouse, according to a trove of leaked documents that include Epstein’s schedules which were not contained in Epstein’s “black book” of contacts or flight logs.


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