Follow Up – Answering Questions

A follow-up to answer some of the popular questions about my experience with the corrupt administrative state, what I prefer to call the Fourth Branch of Government that operates behind the visible Potemkin Village.

♦Why did you wait a year to outline what took place?  Common question. Lots of reasons, some obvious, some obscure and strategically granular.  First, I know the people who are not in alignment with the principles of freedom also watch our discussion.  If I am engaged with them in conflict, I do not want them to see my path.  Second, I did not want them to shut down our conversation using ‘national security’ as the blanket often deployed.  Third, I wanted to watch and assemble data quietly.

♦Why tell the story now?  AG Garland just quantified publicly what the DOJ was doing.  They just put details on the scope of their unconstitutional activity.  Keep in mind, AG Garland is the Robert Mueller of the DOJ. Garland has no better understanding of what is going on inside that heavily siloed institution of Main Justice than Joe Biden understands what is going on inside his (White House).  The true manager of the apparatus is Lisa Monaco, Obama’s eyes and ears into Main Justice operations.   The Lawfare operatives ultimately report to Monaco, not chairman emeritus Garland.

♦Who benefits from the current information?  If you take the time to fully absorb what is evident, traceable and provable to a demonstrable certainty, the representatives of any target who was/is also facing evidence gained by similar construct benefit.  The source information is all there, free for the taking; following it leads to the same outcome – it is what it is.  Whether it is beneficial or not is unique to the individual, or their rep.  Beyond that, hopefully the general public will take pause and think about the ramifications.  When you change the way you look at something, what you look at changes.   The truth has no agenda.


UPDATE: I am not as hopeful as Sundance based on his analysis, but have come to similar conclusions as him from a Buddhist point of view and a different analysis. The Buddhist bottom line is Buddhist morality, practice, and philosophy with generous input from our own experience and new things like science and FIML. I believe it is highly likely that DARPA already has a computer system decades ahead of the GPT stuff we are seeing today. I do not believe privacy is even possible in today’s world. Or that ‘we’ will get control of government ‘again’. We can marginally affect outcomes as public opinion always matters to some extent. Living in a giant psyop as we are is not all bad. Knowing about it reduces ego attachment, pride, and false investment in delusion. Your mind-stream is still your responsibility. This world is still one of transient forms ‘like lightning, like dew’. In a way, our world has always been a psyop — our own or someone else’s. It is not ultimate reality. ABN

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