So here’s something they don’t tell you about transgenders

So here’s something they don’t tell you about transgenders.

When you create the fake vagina (vaginoplasty), the opening of the hole can’t accommodate a penis much more than 2-4 inches.

So, basically, you get your penis cut off and unless you only plan on having sex with Adam Kinzinger or Prince Harry, you can’t even fit a penis inside of you. All that for nothing.

It gets worse, though. Since it’s a surgical wound, hair often grows inside of it causing pain and infections.

Many times you can’t even control incontinence so you’re leaking urine all day and night. How sexy is it wearing a diaper all day?

But it gets worse, you have to dilate the opening every few days or it closes. So your whole your spending shoving random things in the hole to make sure it doesn’t close.

This is the stuff that they’re promoting to ten year olds.

It’s not just putting on a dress. It is actual mutilation of a human being.

In a civilized society, the practice would be called barbaric.


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