The commonly prescribed painkiller and anti-inflammatory, ibuprofen, has been linked to shrinking testicles, lowered testosterone levels and infertility issue in a shocking study.

With plummeting testosterone levels and skyrocketing infertility levels, the revelation adds fuel to the fire, as fitness coaches and health gurus scramble to draw attention to the looming disaster.

In 2018, it was estimated that 15% of Americans take too much Ibuprofen — with the recommended daily limit being 3200mg per day. Additionally, Americans take an estimated 30 billion doses of painkillers similar to and including Ibuprofen which totals 16.5 million prescriptions.

Researchers from Denmark and France found in the paper Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that prolonged use of the commonly consumed painkiller could have some nasty side effects.


I hate this drug and believe it also harms the brain and affects mood and spiritual insight. In yogic terms, it damages our ability to access higher chakras. My comment is based on personal experience but I have seen this drug bring harm to users as clearly as I have seen alcohol bring harm. ABN

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