Disabled Reverend Mother Superior at Texas Carmelite convent sues ‘pure evil’ local bishop for $1M ‘after he interrogated her while she was high on fentanyl post-surgery and got her to admit to SEX with a priest’

The physically disabled prioress of a Catholic convent in Texas has filed a $1 million lawsuit against a ‘pure evil’ bishop accused of tricking her into sex [admitting] with a priest while she was high on fentanyl while recovering from surgery.

Reverend Mother Superior Teresa Agnes Gerlach, who leads the Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity in Arlington, filed the bombshell suit against Bishop Michael Olson in Tarrant County Court.

The suit alleges that in April, Olson burst into the Carmelite convent, where the nuns spend most of their day in devotion and silent prayer, confiscating their cell phones and ‘interrogating’ Gerlach about her alleged sexual affair with an unnamed priest.

Gerlach, who has serious heath issues and uses a wheelchair, said that Olson even grilled her on the matter immediately after a surgical procedure that required general anesthesia, while she was still under the influence of fentanyl. The diocese says she admitted to breaking her vow of chastity, which forbids Catholic clergy from having sex.


The first paragraph above seems to have left out the word admitting, which I added. I may look into this further because it is quite weird. I personally have a lot of respect for Carmelite nuns. If anyone has relevant info, please post in comments or send it in by email. ABN

UPDATE: The article below has more information and clears up the sexual allegation with a clear denial: Carmelite Nuns Sue Fort Worth Bishop Over ‘Grave Misconduct’ in Investigation of Mother Superior.

Although the diocese alleges that Mother Teresa Agnes admitted to violations of the Sixth Commandment, her attorney Matthew Bobo said in a statement provided to CNA that she was “under heavy medication from a procedure” and does not recall what she admitted. 

“They are making it sound like she had some sexual liaison affair with another priest and that did not happen,” Bobo said. 


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