Jets to Ukraine: Crucial questions over supplying F-16s to Kyiv

The US says it will support the delivery of advanced fighter jets to Ukraine by allowing Western allies to supply American-made F-16s to Kyiv and by training Ukrainian pilots to use the jets.

It would certainly be a military boost for Kyiv – but the devil is in the detail.

The crucial questions are: how many, how quickly, and what weapons will the jets will come supplied with?

No-one doubts the ability of the F-16, which has more than proved itself in conflicts around the world.

They will be a step up from Ukraine’s Soviet era Mig-29s and Su-27s, which fly comparable missions.

The F-16 radar can see further, allowing hostile aircraft to be engaged at longer ranges.


Moving closer to WW3. Somebody wants to destroy Europe along with Russia and probably USA as well. Ukraine has lost about half of its population to flight and death. The young men massacred in hopeless battles will never come back and neither will most of those who have fled. Are Poland and the Baltics next in line to be destroyed? ABN

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