The Trans Mind-Virus Is Mutating

…In the States, Leigh Finke, a transgender-identified (biological male) legislator in Minnesota, drafted a bill declaring Minnesota a “refuge state” for the medical transitioning of minors, and has now proposed an amendment to state legislation that would classify “sexual attachment to children” as a protected sexual orientation. 

In Colorado, twenty-seven Democrats in the State House of Representatives just voted against making indecent exposure to minors a felony, with one legislator commenting that the criminal prohibition unfairly targets the drag and trans communities.  

And in Washington state, Democrats passed Senate Bill 5599, which would allow the state to legally hide runaway children from their parents if the parents don’t consent to their child’s “gender transition” or abortion.  

Clinical research is even being done on the distinctive features of particular populations with sexual attraction to children. Two researchers recently focused on the unique experiences of “minor attracted” women, for example, and called the link between “minor attraction” and “sexual offending against children” theoretical. The link can hardly be called “theoretical.”  


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