Transgender — more things they don’t tell you

A phalloplasty is absolutely brutal.

First, the woman has to undergo a hysterectomy. Then, the woman has to have her ovaries removed.

Those two surgeries alone are absolutely brutal and tough recoveries.

Then, you have to have a “vaginal mucosal ablation”, that’s a fancy way of saying that they SEW THE VAGINA CLOSED.

And it only gets worse from there. The doctors need tissue from your body to build your fake penis from, so they CUT SKIN OFF OF YOUR ARM, YOUR THIGH OR YOUR BACK.

Doesn’t that sound pleasant?

After all that is over, they begin constructing your penis.

When that’s all done, you have your fake penis that barely works. It can hardly get an erection. It feels no real pleasure. It’s just there. If you want the erection device, that’s a whole different level of complicated surgeries and it is even more complicated.

That’s if you make it through. There are many stories of people having a fistula and stricture in their new urethras and being stuck with a suprapubic catheter for months.

Of course there are the infections. Those are brutal. And this is not your average UTI. This is the body rejecting a foreign object.

Then there are the times when the tissue dies and you’re just stuck with a dead organ.

Ejaculation isn’t possible. That just isn’t going to happen. And that’s in the best scenario.

You’re talking 1-3 years worth of surgeries before it’s all over in some cases.

In briefly looking at literature, the lowest rate of complications I’ve seen is 25%. More commonly, the number seems to hover around 40%.

So, when you see these people telling ten year olds they should sew their vagina closed up and attach a fake penis, you’re talking about actual barbarism.

This is what they want for our kids. This is the agenda.

I won’t stand for it. This stuff is serious and it is ruining people’s lives.


This is lucrative pseudoscience for adults. And diabolical mental illness when foisted on children. ABN

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