Poison is a real weapon and it is used much more often than most realize

link to comment and interview w Dr Buttar

I have extensive personal experience and knowledge of poison due to having been poisoned myself. Once you figure that out, if it has happened to you, you see the world differently. Covid is a poison. The vaxxes are poisons. Mind-control is a kind of psychological poison. One good result of covid is more people understand that poison is (now) the most common and deadly weapon there is. When someone says they have been poisoned, like Dr Buttar, they may appear agitated or out of sorts due either to the effects of the poison or their knowledge that they are saying something most people will view skeptically. Claiming to have been poisoned is analogous to claiming to have been raped though in the case of poison the perpetrator is frequently not known; it could be a group or a secret enemy posing as a friend. Motives for poisoning are often envy, jealousy, vengeance, unbridled rivalry. Poison is the weapon of choice because it can be used stealthily and be hard to trace. ABN

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