Intel Report: What they DON”T want you to know about the Border Invasion

For the past two years I have been collecting data and analyzing it from many different sources. This is my opinion on what this major operation is really about.

There has been much speculation of what is going on. From the “Replacement Theory” to a new source of Democrat voters. The real reason is so much worse.

From time to time reports mention the high number of “young military age males” coming across the border. This has really disturbed myself and others I have talked to.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Many more have been flown in on charter flights. I have proven this with Flight Tracker data and on the ground intel by Independent journalists like Antonio Aguero filming these men arriving at airports along the border. Note that the Government claims these charters are used for deportation, but it is the opposite they are bringing them into the country.

Leftist NGO’s working with the CIA are recruiting these young men. They promise a fast track to citizenship via joining our military. They are taking these men to numerous military bases across the country. They are being trained as a shadow Army for deployment in the USA for “population control” maybe as UN Troops. Their plans are for our military to be very busy with deployments to Europe and the Pacific because of Russian/Chinese aggression.

For the WEF//NWO plans to work there must be a major financial crisis with the concurrent chaos that it would cause to implement the Great Reset. This chaos will trigger a declaration of Martial law which will suspend The Constitution and Bill of Rights. A side benefit to this, the suspension of the 2024 Elections.

This will also be their opportunity to handle “other problems and obstacles”.

MAGA Republican Representatives and several Senators will be arrested. At least enough to give the Democrat/RINO Uniparty the Majority and the Senate a Democrat Majority that is philibuster proof.

Lists have been compiled of all Americans that support America First, Second Amendment and the Christian faith. Plans for quickly taking care of these issues have been prioritized. The Shadow Army will be deployed (possibly as UN Peacekeepers) with mass arrests of the opposition targets and firearm confiscation being the priority during the unrest.

Tell me what you think of this and any thoughts on what can be done to counter their plans.

Anyone calling me a “Larper” or “Glowie” can save keystrokes by GTFO.


This is a speculative post but interesting, imo. Worth reading if only to see what some people think. It’s a full slice on my Bayesian probability chart for the future. I have seen similar accusations of something like this happening in Wales. BN

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