Why has the Russian Air Force been unable to effectively support ground forces? A short thread 👇

1/ Why has the Russian Air Force been unable to effectively support ground forces? A short thread 👇

(Given Twitter's word limit, the thread is brief, providing an overview of several points).

2/ One key reason is the lack of a more concerted and effective effort to suppress and/or destroy Ukrainian medium- and long-range, high-altitude-capable mobile SAM systems (S-300PS/V1 & Buk-M1) operating closer to the frontline.

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Justice Dept Appeals Order to Appoint Special Master, Threatens Judge to Shop for Friendly Court, Demands No Party Outside DOJ Should Have Right to See or Review Their Identified Classified Documents

A comprehensively corrupt and politically motivated U.S. Justice Department has appealed the part of Judge Cannon’s previous order appointing a special master with authority to review documents the FBI collected at Mar-a-Lago last month. [Appeal for ‘stay’ pdf motion Here]

The corrupt and politically motivated Lawfare prosecutors state they have serious concerns about handing government secrets to a third party and will not allow it.

In essence, the DOJ-NSD, an agency within the justice department created by Eric Holder, is claiming no one outside the DOJ-NSD should be allowed to review the documents they have defined as “national security” interests. Main Justice really, really doesn’t want anyone seeing what the DOJ-NSD are defining.

The DOJ lawyers begin by telling the judge she must respond to them on their timeline, or else they will go to the eleventh circuit court of appeals and have them block her ruling. Do as we say, or else…


8 sigma deviation in Ages 0 – 64 Cancers

Based on the 4 Sep 2022 Wonder drop.

Despite this chart not including:
– Pull Forward Effect (4.3%)
– CDC redactions added back
– R00-R99 deaths not yet assigned

8 sigma deviation in Ages 0 – 64 Cancers

However, that is not the worst of it.

Despite this chart not including:
– Pull Forward Effect (4.3%)
– CDC redactions added back
– R00-R99 deaths not yet assigned
– 50% of anticipated lag

14 sigma deviation in Ages 65+ Cancers

Now notice that the actual signal itself, the run from a base of MMWR Week 14 2021

…constitutes a 20-sigma run up. That, in systems theory, is called a Wow-Signal.

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Goaded by loss of media control, the WEF and fellow travelers panicked and have rushed things. By John Carter

In the future, we will live in a high-tech surveillance state, our every movement, word, and even thought tracked by implanted chips feeding our data into a planetary grid encompassed by swarming multitudes of networked drones, sensors, and satellites from which nothing is invisible. Our cities will be antiseptic multi-ethnic utopias  … The inhabitants will be androgynous vegans and insectivores, their psychologies carefully curated by scientifically designed curricula, social credit and cognitive nudge systems, and psychopharmacogenetic therapies all aligning to remove every trace of such antisocial traits as nativism, masculinity, sexual jealousy, or the selfish desire to own things. Agriculture will be a thing of the past, for the soylent, vegetation, and insect protein that sustains the posthumans will be manufactured in agricultural towers that require no soil or rainwater to work. …

This is essentially the vision being promoted by the World Economic Forum and its fellow travellers.

It won’t happen.

The parasite class has been herding us towards this future for our entire lives …  always presenting it as inevitable. The core message is that of the Borg: resistance is futile. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like this future: the matter has been decided by the wealthy, powerful lords of the Earth; it will happen in any case; your opinion on the matter is of no consequence.

The last few years they kicked their efforts into overdrive. In the short term that resulted in an explosive growth in their power, but by abandoning their gradualist approach a very large fraction of the human species were shocked into their first awareness of this global project.

“You will own nothing and you will be happy” was baby’s first redpill for a lot of people, and they didn’t like the taste one bit. The WEFites are exposed now, and there’s no going back for them. …


Trends in COVID Anxiety

Is the fever in the hypnotized “very liberal” beginning to break?

Today the New York Times published the results (and interpretation) of its latest COVID poll. While the interpretation is full of the typical unsubstantiated false claims supporting the approved narrative, which we have come to expect from corporate media, the poll itself is well worth examining.

Examples illustrating my point regarding the approved narrative include the following gems, beginning with the now obligatory blaming of President Trump and unnamed “Republicans” for the mass formation hypnosis which a large fraction of the country has been suffering. In short, this argument seems to be “the other side made us go crazy”. Trump Derangement Syndrome is to blame for the Mass Formation that has occurred, particularly among what the NYT characterizes as “very liberal adults” (hypnosis, psychosis, or choose your favorite term)

Forty-seven percent of very liberal adults said that they believed Covid presented a “great risk” to their own personal health and well-being. That was a significantly larger share than among conservatives, moderates or even liberals who stopped short of calling themselves very liberal. Particularly striking was the level of concern among liberals under age 45, even though the virus’s worst effects have been concentrated among older people.


Out From the Shadows, The Primary Architect of The Trump Targeting Operation Surfaces on ABC News

Here we go… It was only a matter of time before the DOJ-NSD architects of the Trump targeting operation came out from the shadows.  This is the moment long-time readers of CTH should have been waiting for.  For the past five years Mary McCord has been one of a small and select lawfare group organizing the targeting of President Trump.

Mary McCord led the support team who created the Carter Page FISA warrant using the Steele Dossier to replace the required ‘Wood’s file’.  McCord was the DOJ-NSD official who traveled with DOJ Deputy AG Sally Yates to talk to former White House counsel Don McGhan which weaponized the Flynn-Kislyak call to remove Trump’s National Security Advisor.

Mary McCord was the person who organized Alexander Vindman and Eric Ciaramella to construct the first impeachment effort.  Additionally, it was Mary McCord along with her former legal counsel, turned Intelligence Community Inspector General, Michael Atkinson, who changed the ICIG whistleblower rules allowing an anonymous complaint to underpin the false accusations from Ciaramella against Trump.

It was also Mary McCord who was appointed by FISA court Judge James Boasberg as an amici curia to the court, intercepting issues of false information in filings from the DOJ-NSD to the court as constructed by Kevin Clinesmith.

It was Mary McCord who then took up the lead congressional position within the impeachment construct created by Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, and it was Mary McCord who then joined the January 6 Committee in the committee fight to obtain President Trump’s white house records.

Mary McCord surfaces today with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos to outline what her team has currently constructed, including the specific targeting approaches her DOJ-NSD and Lawfare crew have put together.

As noted by McCord, the ‘obstruction of justice’ angle is a repeat of the threat used by the Deep State to keep the criminal conduct of the DOJ-NSD from being exposed.  WATCH:


More fascinating detail and analysis at the link above. Essential for our side to understand this malfeasance and how it works. ABN

Crystal clear analysis of Deep State tactics against Trump and for DeSantis

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich knows a thing or ten about the DC Deep State, and he appeared on television with Mark Levin to deliver a stark opinion about the current course of action by a comprehensively corrupt and politicized DOJ and FBI. {Direct Rumble Link}

From the perspective of Mr. Gingrich the institutional system within Washington DC is “playing for keeps” with “no interest in the law,” in their effort to keep Donald Trump from challenging the corrupt system now controlling the U.S. government.  Unfortunately, I agree with the prediction.  WATCH:


As soon as the Washington DC FBI sent agents to Florida, everything changed.  If you stand back and look at the national political events from an objective perspective, the connections between the executive agencies and the national political apparatus starts taking on a new clarity.

Additionally, when you overlay the tepid initial response from a newly managed Florida Governor, then look at his national rollout, you can see a specifically constructed series of events intended to give an alternative for the MAGA outrage vote.

The RNC club donors and deep political operatives have been in a full national push position for Ron DeSantis which was triggered immediately after the August 8th raid on Mar-a-Lago.

For five days immediately following the raid, DeSantis remained locked down and silent in a political bunker until he emerged on August 14th in Arizona, complete with a new press office and management team.  The timing, the series of events, the branding shift and the lack of response to the FBI raid is simply too coincidental to be happenstance.

This doesn’t mean Ron DeSantis himself knew of the raid in advance; but someone in the DC Republican advisory apparatus with influence over DeSantis did know it was coming.  He was prepared to go quiet. That explains the behaviors, and lack therein, that followed.


Sundance recently encouraged free use of his material because the life of our nation is at stake. I am using a longer excerpt than I usually do to provide better access to his work. I strongly encourage readers to read the entire linked essay and much more of the work on his site. He explains American politics better than anyone I know of. Right now, news about covid, Ukraine, and Taiwan is in a lull. Rather than skim other news looking for more surface information, please take some time to read essays like the above to gain or confirm a deeper understanding of what is happening to our country. ABN