A few links that may help readers understand FIML

Training in ‘Concrete Thinking’ Can Be Self-Help Treatment for Depression, Study Suggests

This article is about how a technique called “concrete thinking” can help people with depression. FIML does something similar, but on steroids. Partners work only with concrete data–that which has been spoken or indicated within the prior few seconds.

Anxiety/uncertainty management

This links to a Wikipedia article on uncertainty. FIML practice recognizes that human existence is replete with uncertainties we cannot remove. We can, though, remove uncertainty in our communication with our partner.

Cognitive-bias modification to help alcoholics stay sober

This article shows a way that alcoholics can learn to modify a cognitive bias that makes them more susceptible to booze than non-alcoholics. This study relates to FIML in that it shows all of us that we can manage and change how we react to stimuli. This can help with FIML practice because we need to learn to react differently to our partners when something they say causes us to feel a jangle. Rather than become emotional, we want to learn to stop the conversation and do a FIML inquiry.

I just had the links above bookmarked and thought they might be helpful. I will add more as I find them.

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