The vaccines have FAILED. Booster shots will only make them WORSE. The nightmare of ADE is already rearing its ugly head

The evidence is in. It’s clear. Not only have the vaccines failed, they are dangerous for all healthy people. Giving them to healthy children is downright evil. There is no medical justification for that. Mandating them for anyone is evil. There is no other word for it.

Here is just some of the evidence:

Israel: “95% of the severe patients are vaccinated”

Iceland: “Vaccination has not led to herd immunity”

141 hospitalizations, 43 in ICU and 18 on vents. All but ONE have been vaccinated

Scroll through this site for more information and links showing the vaccines have failed and are now doing more harm than good. The pandemic is now being fueled by vaccine-selected variants. The vaccinated are getting sicker and in greater numbers because vaccine efficacy is waning. I even doubt the vaccinated are getting milder cases of covid, as is sometimes claimed. Isn’t it more likely that the vaccines themselves have already killed the most vulnerable, eliminating them from the tally? ABN

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