The Gestalt-Heuristic (G-H) Gap and Its Impact Upon Understanding

There exists an essential dysfunction between those subject matter experts who execute the detail and craft of a discipline, or its heuristics, and those who are responsible for the direction and ethics of the organization, or its gestalt. Such dysfunction can serve to be the source of flawed decision-making based upon poorly crafted analytics and scientific study.


This is a very good read. It explains (describes) how and why large organizations can make very serious mistakes. The essay ends with a very clear description of how governments have made a huge mistake by promoting and now mandating covid vaccines, which already have clearly failed.

Personally, I believe the vaccine debacle is more than just a mistake. It seems most probable to me that those at the top of the Gestalt hierarchy have bad motives. Can it be that all those agency heads, board directors, and hospital administrators can’t understand what a leaky vaccine is? Or ADE? And why have they actively suppressed effective treatments for covid? TES’s analysis can also form a basis for a strategy of unrestricted warfare as Gestalt leaders can be certain Heuristic specialists will be incapable of questioning them effectively. Who are the top Gestalt leaders? Maybe we do not know or cannot know yet, but we can see and describe the terrible effects of their decisions and thus assume those leaders exist. What else is coordinating all those agency heads, board directors, and hospital administrators? ABN

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