Stop Looking at Danchenko, Start Looking at Andrew Weissmann and Robert Mueller

The DOJ/FBI coverup, which included being purposefully blind to the 2017 Danchenko revelations, was not done to protect Danchenko. It was done to protect Andrew Weissmann and Robert Mueller.

Yes, the FBI and DOJ knew the primary subsource for Christopher Steele, Igor Danchenko, disavowed the material in the dossier and undermined it in January of 2017 and again in June 15, 2017, as everyone is noting.  Yes, despite that knowledge Mueller/Weissmann applied for a FISA renewal on June 29th.  However, there’s a date a year later, all the way into July of 2018, when the DOJ and FBI claimed that Danchenko was speaking truth in their affirmation to the FISA court.

THAT is in 2018.

Why would the same DOJ/FBI officials who knew the dossier was junk in early 2017 lie to the FISA court in 2018?

ANSWER: Because they were not protecting Danchenko, they were protecting Robert Mueller.


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