US Accidentally Proves It Could Not Have Spotted the Virus in China in November 2019

…it’s not at all clear how U.S. intelligence analysts could have seen a signal of a ‘cataclysmic‘ outbreak of a respiratory virus in Wuhan in mid-November 2019 that they felt compelled to warn their Government and allies about. There is no sign of a respiratory virus outbreak here – searches for ‘cough’ remained low in November and admissions for influenza-like illness were normal.

In a way, this lack of signal from Covid is, we should note, unexpected. After all, we know from other sources that the virus likely was already spreading both in Wuhan and more widely by November 2019, so we might have expected there to have been some signal for U.S. intelligence to have picked up on. On the other hand, we also know that this early spread was undetected everywhere at the time and did not cause large waves of hospitalisations and deaths. Since no country including China had spotted the virus spreading within its own borders during November 2019, the question of how U.S. intelligence spotted it in Wuhan (and only in Wuhan) remains salient.

Thus this Harvard report, intended to show how U.S. intelligence analysts spotted the virus in November 2019 in China even though China itself had not noticed it yet, has ended up inadvertently revealing there was no signal of a respiratory viral outbreak in Wuhan at that time and thus no way that U.S. intelligence analysts could have spotted one.

Naturally, this does nothing to diminish our growing suspicions about how U.S. intelligence came to be following the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, and only Wuhan, at a time when no one else, including the Chinese, were even aware of its existence.


This contributes to the hypothesis that US IC did it. The November warning is a big part of Ron Unz’s theory on how rogue US intel actors released covid in November in Wuhan. There is also a lot of evidence that covid was circulating much earlier than November, possibly even before 2019. The Ethical Skeptic has made a very important contribution to the early appearance of covid, possibly as early as 2017. An early appearance of covid in China supports the hypothesis that China inoculated its population before releasing covid in 2019. It is also possible actors in China and USA conspired to release covid to remove Trump from office and seize more power in their respective countries. Many of the events that followed the onset of covid support this hypothesis. ABN

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