Senator John Kennedy Provides Additional Information After Classified Briefing on U.S. Military Engagement With “Unidentified Flying Objects” – Recommends We Lock Our Doors Tonight

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy attended a classified briefing today on the topic of the unidentified sky objects that Joe Biden administration officials have been shooting down with fighter jets and missiles.  At the conclusion of the briefing, Senator Kennedy came to the microphones to answer questions.

Unfortunately, Senator Kennedy says the briefing did not explain what the objects are or why the administration is shooting them down.  Additionally, the government has not found the three mysterious flying objects that were shot down in Alaska, Canada’s Yukon territory and above Lake Huron.  Kennedy says if you are confused, you are holding an accurate assessment of the situation.

During the briefing the intelligence officials noted, they do not know what the objects are, they do not know what they are used for, they do not know where they come from, and they cannot find them after they have been destroyed.  The obvious questions continue to mount.

The only clear information that Kennedy states was provided to the people briefed, was that these mysterious unidentified objects have been in/around our airspace since approximately 2017, according to the Biden officials.  At the conclusion of his remarks and Q&A session, a curiously puzzled Senator Kennedy advised everyone, “to lock their doors tonight.” WATCH:


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