Dramatic new twist in case of young Aussie exchange student who ate rat poison as his 45-year-old female friend in Taiwan is investigated over his sudden illness

The female friend of an Australian exchange student who was poisoned in Taiwan is now being investigated after local police found ‘relevant evidence’ in her home. 

Taipei City Police looking into the poisoning of Queensland student Alex Shorey, 24, said on Wednesday that they’d searched the house of a 45-year-old Taiwanese woman – reported in local media as Mr Shorey’s girlfriend – and made suspicious findings.

Local media are reporting that rat poison was found, similar to what was in Mr Shorey’s system when he arrived at Taipei Medical University Hospital. 

It’s unknown if the alleged poison found was identical to the superwarfarin – a highly toxic poison that stops blood from clotting – that he had ingested.

The woman is now the sole suspect of a criminal investigation and is barred from leaving the country.


Poison is an ancient weapon still used in many ancient cultures. Bioweapons such as covid are also poisons. There is a good chance more people have been killed by poison than by another weapon. ABN

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