Political signals from the president

Why is Obama the first president to campaign “…strongly for his chosen successor in at least 100 years”?

(Why President Obama Campaigning For Clinton Is Historic)

One explanation is corruption in his administration is so widespread, he fears exposure under a Trump presidency.

An example is Clinton’s emails. Obama both sent email to and received email from her illegal server. A worse case is emails to or from the state department involving pay-to-play at the Clinton Foundation. Matters could be even worse than that.

In my view, it is demeaning to the office of the president for Obama to use his time (paid for by the American people) and resources (Air Force One, ditto) to do run-of-the-mill huckster campaigning for a successor we have every reason to believe has yet more to hide.

Obama’s very unusual campaigning for a former rival whom many believe he actually dislikes makes it fair for the rest of us to wonder whether he might be hiding something himself.

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